Premium Quality Horse Bedding
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Our range of products are packaged into square bales of reasonable size and weight to allow for ease in transportation and logistics.
Our primary concern has been - and will always be - the health and comfort of your animals. We only use select shavings that have been dried, screened and vacuumed to remove unwanted contaminates that could aggravate your horse's breathing.

'Premium Blend' Pine Horse Bedding

Manufactured from pure pine logs in the United States of America, our Premium pine shaving flake is multi screened to remove all dust and fines as well as any larger pieces not appropriate for the stall. It is then 'kiln-dried' and 'air-dried' to lower moisture levels to less than 10%. Premium Flake is the perfect blend of some medium sized flakes along with our soft, high volume large flakes. This provides large volumes of our beautiful light pine and absorbency for ammonia control. We use our high densification equipment to pack 12 cubic feet in our ultra compressed 2.5 cubic feet bag weghing 30lbs. These bags are easy to handle and store as well.

This product is 100% Manufactured in USA using white pine logs - no recycled wood used.

'EZ Clean QuickPik' Bedding

QuickPick Pine Shavings are specifically textured to be easy to sift, easy to pick, and substantially more absorbent than traditional shavings. The wet spot will actually clump. The fiber is multi- screened and aspirated to remove airborne dusts and capture a specific mini flake. This is a small particle wood shavings bedding that is very low dust, but still so easy to pick, you will not waste bedding. This means you will use less and dispose of less bedding.
The 30 lbs bag contains 7 cubic feet of shavings compressed to 3 cubic feet when packaged.

This product is 100% Manufactured in USA using white pine logs - no recycled wood used.

AlSakib 'Gold Blend' Horse Bedding

Locally manufactured using a mixture of softwoods like pine, sprice and fir. These woodshavings are the most economical of the lot as they are manufactured in Sharjah at our newly upgraded factory. We take care to ensure that the product is low in dust and is reasonably dry to allow excellent absorbency. Like our Premium Blend, this is also a mixture of large and medium flakes and is suitable for horses.
This product is packaged in 4 cubic feet bag and weights between 35 to 40 lbs.

Manufactured at our factory in Sharjah, U.A.E.

Pine Pellet Horse Bedding

Our "Pine Pellets" horse bedding are compressed pine pellets which will expand up to 5 times their size after moisture is introduced. This product takes up less storage space than a normal flake bag, and is the most absorbent horse bedding on the market. Made from 100% pine wood and bagged at 40 lbs. In the stable, the wet spot will actually clump for fast and easy removal. We recommend 4—5 inches of depth in the stall. This will provide the bedding needed to trap the urine quickly, avoid spreading of the wet spot, which will reduce ammonia levels and waste less bedding.

This product is 100% Manufactured in USA using white pine logs - no recycled wood used.